Friday, June 13, 2008

Do I have something in my teeth?

On Tuesday evening, I was at eating outside at Thai Village and a couple was seated next to me. They were in their late twenties and dressed like a first date. The guy pulled out his chair so his back was to the sun, saying, "You're wearing sunglasses so why don't you face the sun?"

I was thinking what a tool he was, but looking at the woman. When I looked at him he was staring at me, with this big, beefy tongue hanging half out of the side of his mouth, chewing on it. I looked at him for a second, but he didn't look away. He just kept staring at me and chewing on his tongue. I looked at my plate.

The rest of the meal, he didn't really look over at me again. Odd.

I went out to The Continental with Steven Soderberg last night. We were drinking refreshing Gin & Tonics. There's no smoking inside bars here in Chicago, so many people were making frequent trips outside to smoke. This guy got up to leave and he was looking at me as he walked. I made eye contact with him and he held it just long enough to run smack into the door. Odd.

I guess he was expecting it to be open.


Spanky said...

I cannot believe how terribly unobservant I am. It must have been all the talk about masturbation.

dan said...

It takes a certain kind of man to gain the attention of the tongue chewers. Congrats.