Monday, May 26, 2008

Stevie Nicks, minus the lace

This weekend International Mr. Leather was held here in Chicago and my rugby team, the Chicago Dragons, had a booth at the Leather Market. We sold T-shirts and raffle tickets and promoted the club. The booth next to ours had a video dealer that had lots of horse and goat porn. They also had things like poop eating and what have you. It was funny to look over and if it was just someone jerking off or having regular sex, you'd get that pit in your stomach feeling you get when watching a slasher flick and someone suggests they hide in the basement--you know something awful is about to happen and you have to keep watching to see what it is.

I met someone who had bought a leash and collar with his friend. They bought it as a joke and were having fun with it. (I originally wrote 'they bought it as a gag,' but realized in this context that could be confusing.) When I grabbed the leash, he tried to bite me, but then we all became friends. And let me tell you, leading someone around on a leash got me into all kinds of parties that night. The spanking party was probably the most fun to watch. At one point, we got a vacuum out of a storeroom and walked the halls of the hotel. When we heard a party going on, we knocked and called out "room service."

I spent most of Sunday afternoon working the rugby booth again, then wondering around the Leather Mart. There is a whole community of people who are into B&D, which seems to be the preferred term for S&M, that's into dressing the submissive one as a dog. This seems an oddly specific fetish, but I got to scratch some of them behind the ears, so I thought it was cool. These hoods are very pricey. My friends tried to get me to buy one, but I couldn't figure out when I'd wear it. I liked the idea of ordering a pizza and then putting it on before the delivery driver showed up.

I made friends with someone at the Fort Trough booth. He was wearing these bleached out jeans that had a zipper on the backside. He showed me how they worked, but I had trouble zipping them back up. It took both hands finessing the zipper for quite a while before I closed it.

Sunday night was the after party at the House of Blues. The Dragons had an opera box to hang out in. That was nice. The leather people shun deodorant and Friday and Saturday that was probably okay, but by Sunday they made the whole place smell like ass. (The chaps, leather jocks and harnesses probably added to this as well.)

I ended up playing kissy face with this Cajun. I'm a little unclear what happened, but all of a sudden he was all wet. I think one of the other ruggers threw a drink on his back or something. He went off to the bathroom and I didn't see him again.

Then someone showed up in our box wearing a leather kilt and claiming, I think, to be Mr Leather UK. He showed us his penis. It was very large. He suggested we kiss, but I didn't think that was a very good idea.

Today's been about sleeping and watching TV. I'm on vacation this week.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Cards on the table top

Sometimes, it's hard to write.

Life in Chicago continues to be full. Last weekend we hosted a rugby team from Minneapolis, so it was all parties and drunken rugby nudity. On Monday Steven Soderbergh (no relation) invited me to a wine dinner at Bistro Champagne. We had sweet breads!

Tuesday was rugby practice.

Wednesday John--back in Chicago for a few days between 5 weeks of trips to California and Asia--and I went to see Avenue Q. I got paged during the first act and as I tried to make my way back to my seat along the row, by jacket button got caught in a woman's hair. It was awful--she had to untangle me from herself.

Thursday J-Rim took me to the symphony. The Opera and Symphony always have a 'doctor of the house.' They organize it with us, so we get to go to the performances for free with a guest. If something happens, we help out.

I was all set to go the REM/Modest Mouse/The National concert on Friday. But that morning when I confirmed plans with DJ JD, I found out it's two weeks away. I was happy to have the night off.