Saturday, August 9, 2008

10 items or less

So my friend Dan and I have this running joke about how it's impossible to buy condoms with anything else without creating a narrative. It started when I kept loosing my padlock for the gym and ended up buying padlocks and condoms from the same checkout girl twice within the space of a month.

So yesterday I go to Target and got to the checkout aisle with:
Apples to Apples (a board game)
shaving cream and razors
200 sq feet of tinfoil
granola bars

As I'm putting the items on the conveyor belt I start giggling. So I'm trying to stifle the laughter and end up with a ridiculous smirk on my face.

I could see the checkout girl pause briefly, trying to come up with something other than her normal exit greeting before-uncomfortably-saying,'Have a good evening.'


Johnny C said...

I recently went to Target and just bought a box of wine. Nothing else. When I was leaving the cashier said, "Enjoy your wine..." with a big smile on her face... I think a packet of condoms would have a perfect impluse buy.

Damon said...

Where is this year going Erik?? It's almost over. This is craziness. Listening to a lot of Ray Stevens lately.

dan said...

I think condoms and a birthday card for your gramma is still the best combo.

Although this game quickly gets creepy if you buy, say, condoms and chilren's aspirin with codeine.

Bewareoftheblog said...

Coca Cola
and Cat Litter

At Costo

Try it.

CampBlood said...

Condoms, Crisco, plastic wrap, yellow dish gloves, and a plunger.... and roses to top it off...

Dan, your comment was awesome. hehehehe said...

I once bought two large packs of condoms, several blank VHS tapes, and a case of soda. After I checked out, she said, "it looks like someone is in for a great night". LOL! I didn't even realize the combination was so silly.

dan said...

Doubt was a really good movie!